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isiko Newsletter June 2016

The Secrets to Necklace Layering

The Real Secrets to Necklace Layering

Are you confused on how to wear multiple necklaces? isiko clients are asking how to wear more than one pendant and we promised we'd give our top tips whenever you ask. Keep your questions coming but in the mean time we've compiled our top 7 layering tips especially for you...

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isiko Newsletter May 2016

Now that's what I call a Photoshoot

So yesterday was pretty amazing thanks to an incredible group of people. I don’t think I told you that we were planning a shoot, I wanted it to be a surprise until the pictures came out, but after yesterday I simply had to shout about it from the rooftops. That’s right isiko pendants and earrings have finally been given the limelight they deserve. To be fair they have been demanding this attention for a while and finally after weeks of planning we pulled it off…


I can’t really write anymore without mentioning the people that made this happen so let me tell you who they are, I’ll apologise now because this may take some time but I make no apology for taking the time to tell you about these individuals!

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Guess What We've Been Up To?

So guess what we’ve been up to? For anyone who doesn’t know me, this is me excited!!!

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Who Said Business Isn't Glamorous?

Award winning Paula McQuilkin tells her story. CEO and Founder of isiko Glass Jewellery, adding a little glamour to business.


Whoop whoop! I’m 3 months in following the November launch of my glass jewellery business, isiko. I’m supposed to be writing something about my business but I don’t quite know where to start, there’s so much to say. Let’s see how much I can cover in the next few short paragraphs.

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Look at this for a Line-Up

Friday 13th May, I made my way to the fashion & jewellery Exchange at Birmingham City University in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter.

Hosted by Enterprise Nation and another successful year of entrepreneurs sharing advice and buyers from top retailers including John Lewis and Selfridges, giving top tips on how to get products on the shelves.

I benefitted from a wealth of inspirational and practical business advice from talented fashion and retail experts, including an opportunity to present my wares to top retail buyers! Just look at this for the line up...

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Isiko 2015 Launch Event

We are live and ready to celebrate at our 2015 Leeds Launch Event. It feels like it's been a long time coming but we just keep reminding ourselves that manufacturing started in May 2015. We wanted to make sure that we brought you something really special and guess what? we've done it. We'll have a selection of isiko pieces for you to see and actually touch, glass is such a tactile product we couldn't possibly deprive you any longer. I'll be doing a short piece on isiko and why we are here, my very own RBS representative, Dale Sidebottom will do a piece on his work with Entrepreneurial Spark which is one of the main reasons why isiko is where we are today. My outstanding web designer Matthew Holt is coming along to give you a demonstration of the isiko website, which is stunning, even if I do say so myself! Invited guests, colleagues and friends from Entrepreneurial Spark will be in attendance, who are responsible for much of the inspiration and motivation behind the scenes. As importantly esteemed friends aka clients will be with us, continuing to support. And of course wine and canapes!

Recently in consultation with a social media specialist she suggested that I show you guys the blood, sweat and tears that goes into our pieces every day, of course I refused that just isn't how I want you to see me!!! But I'll be sharing this journey with you, highs and lows and you too will grow to love isiko the way we do.