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Now that's what I call a Photoshoot

So yesterday was pretty amazing thanks to an incredible group of people. I don’t think I told you that we were planning a shoot, I wanted it to be a surprise until the pictures came out, but after yesterday I simply had to shout about it from the rooftops. That’s right isiko pendants and earrings have finally been given the limelight they deserve. To be fair they have been demanding this attention for a while and finally after weeks of planning we pulled it off…


I can’t really write anymore without mentioning the people that made this happen so let me tell you who they are, I’ll apologise now because this may take some time but I make no apology for taking the time to tell you about these individuals!


About 3 months ago isiko partnered with This Pampered Life (TPL) an amazing Leeds based experiential venture business, which designs and delivers bespoke luxurious day out packages. Minoti Parikh founder of TPL and I formed an alliance which has meant lots of collaborative working, but this day was all about isiko. Lots of coordinating and planning thanks to Minoti, and just to make the most of this perfect day we threw in a healthy dose of good old fashioned fun and laughter!



I guess you’re wondering what type of photoshoot and I suppose in the industry it’s known as going on location. I have memories of doing a placement with the Clothes Show Live TV programme and going on location to Eastbourne to shoot a stunning model in a bikini on the freezing cold Eastbourne coast. I recall going to a balloon shop in the town centre and returning by taxi to the shoot with 50 helium-filled, gold balloons and I remember feeling quite important that I had been trusted with such an important prop! But our photoshoot was nothing like that, no freezing cold coast, no helium-filled balloons and no bikinis!!!

Just a stunning model Alex Oddie of wearing stunning classic and contemporary isiko jewellery. This is another young lady with an amazing business, utilising recycled materials and reinventing existing products for the home.


A photography team made up of Anna Seweryn and Aneta Trznadel of Yosew photography These two ladies pride themselves on wedding, children, corporate events and portraits and can now add jewellery to their outstanding repertoire.


And of course makeup by Illamasqua who else could achieve the makeup brief to absolute perfection?


Beautiful weather assisting our mission as we marched towards the Leeds Town Hall. It simply had to feature some of our shots despite the scaffolding, Anna and Aneta worked their magic and I think we’ll have some pictures which don’t feature metal poles and yellow tape. Illamasqua permitted the use of their store, which featured many of the photographs.

The Victoria Quarter itself, with its wonderful architecture and lighting that makes everyone look good, not that Alex needed it! And Creams Tearoom a world of stunning design, elegance and prestige. The glamourous and sophisticated surroundings, complete with a grand piano made the most perfect setting of our isiko pieces.

So I want to tell you about the pieces which featured yesterday, but I’m not going to, you’ll have to wait, like me, and we’ll have a while to wait, because my photography duo now are on holiday. I have to admit I shamelessly tried to persuade them that the pictures were more important than their holiday right now, but they weren’t having it!  

I know from the snaps it looks like we spent all our time having fun but I promise you it was hard work! Now that’s what I call a photoshoot…