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The Secrets to Necklace Layering

The Real Secrets to Necklace Layering

Are you confused on how to wear multiple necklaces? isiko clients are asking how to wear more than one pendant and we promised we'd give our top tips whenever you ask. Keep your questions coming but in the mean time we've compiled our top 7 layering tips especially for you...

Top Tip 1:

Go for a graduated effect more delicate shorter necklaces/ pendants with a slightly chunkier longer necklaces/pendant.


Top Tip 2: 

Larger-than-life necklaces pair well with daintier chains.


Top Tip 3: 

Be bold, layer chunky necklaces/pendants that rest right on top of each other.


Top Tip 4:

It's obviously important to wear what you like but also wear pendants that capture who you are. 


Top Tip 5:

Gold is in vogue, whilst silver can feel truly unique.


 Top Tip 6:

Add length it creates dimension and mystique.


 Top Tip 7:

Coloured pendants and flashes of colour around the face and neckline make you stand out.


Follow our isiko top tips and the limits are endless