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Guess What We've Been Up To?

So guess what we’ve been up to? For anyone who doesn’t know me, this is me excited!!!

Yesterday I met with Maddie and Rob from  It feels like this meeting has been a long time coming so the anticipation was killing me. Maddie and I probably met around a month ago, so not that long really, to talk about the possibility of an isiko video. We'd had a really brief discussion over lunch and set 31st May as the date when they could come to the workshop in order to check out the lighting and logistics of filming in there, map and plan how it would work and of course meet my dog Boo. I’ve put Boo last on the list, but I have to say she absolutely believes that anyone visiting, is there to see her and only her, for the entire visit. 

So this amazing couple arrived and true to form got stuck right in… A mini discussion in the workshop whilst Rob worked out the logistics for lighting equipment and camera angles. And I was in my element talking to them about the technicalities of glass melting points. I had to be careful not to get too carried away, I could scare anyone, but to be honest if they were frightened or bored or both, neither of these professionals showed it.

They let me go on about time scales and cutting and grinding glass and even the complexities of drilling holes in glass and actually looked interested! So over tea and coffee we retired to another room, where I had set up a makeshift flip chart on one of the walls using parcel tape and clothes pegs and together we got to mapping the isiko journey.

The next hour was filled with Rob and Maddie mapping ideas on the chart in between asking lots questions and getting a real feel for isiko and where we are taking isiko in the future. We spoke about the inspiration I get from the elements in each of the pieces and my personal connection with nature.    





And without giving too much away we spoke about how this could be incorporated into the video. It was an absolute pleasure talking to creative people about the things that are important to me and they left, with me feeling like they got it and more importantly they got me.

So we’ve got a date when the magic happens and I’ve got some work to do over the next month including a little experimenting with some new and exciting materials. I’m going to work out how I show you everything that is isiko in a minute and a half video. No that’s not strictly true Maddie and Rob are going to work that out for me… I’m going to look for an outfit to wear for the video J.