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CLASSIC | Refined Simplicity Combined Perfectly With Timeless Elegance

isiko Classic Range

The isiko Classic Range is simply a 'must have' for fashion accessorising. Like all classics this Range represents the most perfect example of quality and class, stylish chic, quintessential yet understated. We have combined beauty with timeless elegance in a single unique piece, to give you the luxury item that we think you deserve...


Blue and Green Pear Drop Pendant

Stunning blue and green pear drop pendant with the back almost as interesting as the front.

A near perfect pear drop pendant in sky blue on an opaque white base. In the centre is a pool of warm green bordered by a dark green outline. The back boasts amber, red and rust lines, just to keep it interesting! The piece measures approximately 53mmx28mm and tapers to a gentle point which holds a delicate sterling silver pinch bail and chain. This pendant weighs approximately 17g.