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CLASSIC | Refined Simplicity Combined Perfectly With Timeless Elegance

isiko Classic Range

The isiko Classic Range is simply a 'must have' for fashion accessorising. Like all classics this Range represents the most perfect example of quality and class, stylish chic, quintessential yet understated. We have combined beauty with timeless elegance in a single unique piece, to give you the luxury item that we think you deserve...


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Sparkling Amethyst

This isiko asymmetric piece is the master of illusion...


Burnt Orange Tartan

Striking burnt orange tartan effect piece....


Central Lines

Day or evening wear this versatile piece is the perfect accompaniment...


Winter Flowers

This isiko piece inspired by the air element captures white, opaque and translucent glass...


Flame Reds

A true fire element pendant...


Veil of Bubbles

Beautiful oval shaped pendant combines burnt orange and red overlaid with a striking veil of grey ...


Blue and Green Pear Drop Pendant

Stunning blue and green pear drop pendant with the back almost as interesting as the front.


Diagonal Lines

This transparent piece boasts ice blue, royal blue, red and white in a simplistic rectangle


Perfect Purple

There are no corners on this perfectly formed kidney-shaped purple pendant.


Pink Rock Formation

This aptly named piece is suggestive of the lines and layers found only in rocks.


Distinctive Orange Line

Beautifully layered asymmetrical glass pendant in vibrant shades of orange and red.


Eye of the Emerald

Emerald green and white pendant with a simple black line


Coffee and Champagne Bubbles

A stunning red and coffee-coloured swirl is encapsulated by crystal clear glass of this dimpled ...


Dreamy Tangerine Pendant

Dreamy tangerine and cream coloured pendant the perfect size to be descreet...